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Of course these pages cannot do justice to all the possibilities of reproducing historical garments. Basically you can order everything from a Roman tunic to a cocktail dress from the Fifties. I can strictly and exactly copy an original or work freely according to contemporary tastes. I can create a complete outfit for you or just a single garment. Please do not hesitate to ask!

preparing a presentation in a museum

The prices for the reproduced garments vary according to the time required for the making. For a plain shirt from the Napoleonic wars you will have expect one hundred Euro, for an elaborate ladies’ gown of the Ancien Regime it can amount to well over one thousand Euro. Should you decide on the use of a sewing machine for the non-visible seams expenditure of time will usually be reduced.

The more I know about your wishes concerning cut, trimming and material, the more accurate the estimate of costs will become. Please contact me directly at and ask me without any obligation.

The cost for the material will be billed seperately. By appointment you may provide the fabric or trimming yourself, but I do need a sample beforehand to decide on the properties and suitability of the material .

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