Once upon a time clothes were higly priced posessions, and were treated accordingly, and carefully mended if neccessary. My creations follow this tradition, they are veritable works of art, which mature through an eventful life and grow all the more real for it.

If somewhere along the way wear and tear should encroach upon your garment I will gladly undertake to mend it  for you so that you may continue to enjoy wearing your clothes.

Of course I cannot unmake these marks of time or little accidents, but I can  go a long way to keep your garment neat and respectable by employing historical mending methods with great patience and subtlety.

Among other things I will resort to spare fabric pieces and buttons, which I file for all my creations exactly for this purpose.

Should any accident happen to your garment, please do not hesitate to contact me and inquire about possibilities and prices of restoring your favourite piece to (almost) it`s former glory.

mended hole in an antique bridal veil, 1-Cent piece placed alongside as scale














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